18 Wheels

by Alex Charbonneau

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released May 24, 2013



all rights reserved


Alex Charbonneau Montreal, Québec

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Track Name: Darling Corey
the first time is saw darling corey
she was sitting by the banks of the sea
she had a forty four wrapped around her body
she had a five string on her knee

Wake up, wake up darling corey
what makes you sleep so sound
the revenue officers are coming
they're gonna tear your still house down

Go away, go away darling corey
get up out of my bed
your liquor has ruined my body
pretty woman gone straight to my head

Dig a hole dig a hole in the meadow
dig a hole in the cold cold ground
Dig a hole dig a hole in the meadow
we're gonna lay darling corey down

Can't you hear the bluebirds a-singin'?
It's such a sad, sorrowful sound
they're preaching darling corey's funeral
in some lonesome graveyard ground
Track Name: Ain't Nothin' Better
Darlin', darlin it's true
i never met anyone like you
you're all i ever needed
and you came along at the right time
now i can't get you off of my mind

I've been waiting for something like this for so long
there ain't nothin' better than how we get along

Little darlin', i find it hard to operate
when you got me walkin' round in a dream like state
you're all i ever needed and baby i know it's real
i can tell by the way you make me feel

Oh when it comes to love and all is said and done
my little baby, she's hittin' home runs
Track Name: Wandrin'
wandrin' through the cornfield
staring at the moonlight
cursing at the sunshine
nothing ever feels right

Ever since my daughter left me
she rode a raven on the wind
i'll wander these ol' croplands
until she comes back again

uh uh oh my skin crawls
to think of her hands against his neck
rustling, big black feathers
covering him up from end to end

a big black bird
took my baby girl
and i can't stop
'till i searched the whole wide world

He says, "I'll return her,
once she is a lady.
Show her all she needs to know-
this baby girl will love me"
Track Name: So Tired
sometimes it gets so much
i could fall asleep where i stand
and i close my eyes to enter a dream
and i believe you'd be there to catch me
yes i believe you'd catch my fall
and i wouldn't even wake when you start to shake me
because baby lately
baby i've been so tired

so i'll say yes even though i don't want to
or i'll say no just to break my own heart once more
Track Name: 18 wheels
18 wheels and my baby's good love brought me home
if you could call it good love
love sure is a funny thing

18 wheels and this goddamned road brought me home
if you could call it a home
the road sure is a funny thing

all the while
i try to define what's mine
sure is a funny thing

53 years and no time to rest starts to stop
me from feeling much
time sure is a funny thing

53 years and plenty of pills
starts to stop me from feeling much
those pills sure are funny things